Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Pineapple to desire

It is not necessarily the case that this pineapple is shown to it's natural size, although the climate is very favorable in many parts of Ecuador. Exaggeration of physical size occurs so many places in the world.

However, one must wonder about the symbolism in that it is located in the middle of a traffic circleOr you can ask the other way around(!), "why can't the dance just as well take place around a pineapple as a Christmas tree or a golden calf?"

-For this, we don't have any answers..

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The oppressive State

Nothing is allowed anymore. Not even the basic human functions should be executed without intricate bureaucratic systems.

Dubious alliances are formed in the suppression of human needs. How the one time rebellious graffiti artist has become a tool of authoritarian governments is an enigma.

"Peeing prohibited here" it says with the same font nazi decrees were posted during the war. But they will see that what will be, will be!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burn a Politician He is confusingly similar to President Rafael Correa. But he is not of flesh and blood. His body is constructed of planks, newspaper and lots of paint. He is a monigote.

These home-produced dolls are made for New Year's Eve in Ecuador, representing public figures who have made their mark in the past year. When the clock is 12pm  they will be added to the fire.

I find it hard to find words for satisfaction of burning a politician. The practice should certainly be introduced to other countries.

(The president on the picture has a light bulb in hand. I'm not sure of the symbolism here).