Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burn a Politician He is confusingly similar to President Rafael Correa. But he is not of flesh and blood. His body is constructed of planks, newspaper and lots of paint. He is a monigote.

These home-produced dolls are made for New Year's Eve in Ecuador, representing public figures who have made their mark in the past year. When the clock is 12pm  they will be added to the fire.

I find it hard to find words for satisfaction of burning a politician. The practice should certainly be introduced to other countries.

(The president on the picture has a light bulb in hand. I'm not sure of the symbolism here).


  1. Ah, but the light bulb is upside down! This is obviously deeply significant and your understanding, Grasshopper, will not be complete until you can divine all that that entails.

  2. Of course. I guess I have to read my Freud.